Keneuoe Ramabele

Restorative Chef & Clinical Herbalist


Keneuoe grew up in rural Southern Africa, where medicine and food were one and the same and both came from the Earth. The use of food as medicine is a fundamental component of the traditional African sense of wellbeing and the oldest therapeutic healing method in the world. Food as medicine is a natural way of living with the land. It is a supportive and corrective tool to help enhance and balance our body in order to maximize health and vitality.


When Keneuoe immigrated to the US, she felt like something was missing in her life in America. Eventually she realized she needed to recreate the healthy and more peaceful way of living with the land that she knew so well. She designed a small-scale urban permaculture garden with edible and medicinal herbs, mature oak trees, chickens, bees and butterflies. The garden with its beautiful spots for meditation and relaxation guides each visitor to restore, renew and rejuvenate themselves, while stimulating the body to reorganize itself for deeper healing.


Everything we consume influences the way we feel. Food has the power to prevent and restore much of our every day aches and pains. Plus it is the best tasting medicine ever! Become a member and enjoy the delicious whole food recipes on this website. Or discover how to cultivate a small thriving garden and how to create easy remedies for chronic ailments. Or just take a stroll, go for a walk and explore your internal landscape. Awaken your natural wisdom and live in peace.


Keneuoe graduated from Mills College with a degree in Biochemistry, Bauman College as a Natural Chef, and the Berkeley Herbal Center as a Clinical Herbalist. She has a private practice in Oakland, CA.

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